For Employers (continued)

“We’re Different!”

Most staffing firms say “We’re different!” when in reality, they should just say “Us too!”

Current technology has provided so many great digital tools for us right at our fingertips. Looking back at the 90’s, getting computerized with databases and recruiting software was “bleeding edge” technology. That evolved to basic Internet and email capability, which, in turn, saw the advent of job boards on the web. As the internet grew, so did the advancements in X-ray search, social networks, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Currently, the development of web tools, techniques, widgets and plug-ins continues to run along at a feverish pace.

Look, all of it is important; in fact it’s great. Technology continues to provide innovative ways for us to work more efficiently and effectively. Heck,’s CEO proudly boasted back in 1999 that his company would be the death of 3rd party recruiters and staffing agencies. In his mind we were becoming unnecessary. But he was missing a crucial piece of what makes us so valuable.

Recruiting Is A Contact Sport

No matter how great you are at Boolean strings on Google, or how large your budget is for resume warehouses and job posting sites, or how advanced your ATS software is, recruiting is a contact sport. It is all about what happens after your technology helps put you in touch with the right people. That’s when real recruiting happens.

Many people think that we are paid to find the right candidate for an open position. Sure, that’s an important part of the process. But really, it’s mostly about getting that right candidate hired and on board. Anyone can search a resume database (a web savvy teenager can), yet still not have the trained eye to go beyond the keywords to discern a hit from a miss.  Furthermore, there are more effective methods to find people that don’t involve online databases. Years of experience gives us a large pool of professionals with whom we can network about your job opportunity. Finally, regardless of how you find a good candidate, once you have them, can you avoid the common pitfalls that get in the way of both sides enjoying a smooth hiring process? We definitely can help there!

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