We take your search assignment to heart. A bad hire can end up costing you so much more than money. An unfilled job opening that stays open too long can provide numerous hardships. Hiring is a business problem, whether that means needing a special set of skills, an augmentation of staff, or a direct replacement for lost personnel. Unless you just like hiring people because hiring is your favorite thing to do, we can help, and we will do it in a way that is time and cost effective. We don’t like wasting our time, so, ipso facto, we don’t want to waste yours. Our process has been honed over a few decades, seasoned by the experiences of some of the best search professionals in the business.

Recruiting Services Include:

  • Permanent / Contract / Contract-to-Hire placement of fully qualified candidates
  • Full review of job specs and company “fit”
  • Marketing your open position via conventional advertising, web, and social media networks
  • Thorough candidate screening and reference checks
  • Coordinating interviews and providing consultation
  • Navigating the rough waters that inevitably swell during the interview process.  (*This is key!)